Mental Health Program


Description: To improve the mental health of our patients and the community by providing a comprehensive range of services that promote positive mental health, address relevant life stressors, and reduce unnecessary Emergency Department visits.


Services and Activities offered as part of this program:

  • Intake Triage: improve access to counselling, refer to appropriate services for the patient’s needs, assess suicide risk, and provide immediate support to the patient.

  • Goal-directed Counselling (Individual and Couple): improve patient’s capacity to manage symptoms by providing strategies and skills.

  • Hospital Discharge Calls: reduce re-hospitalizations by referring to appropriate services after discharge and connecting the patient with their family doctor for follow-up care.

  • Postpartum Calls: screen for postpartum depression, assess suicide risk, provide access to counselling or education, and connect the patient with their family doctor, as needed.

  • Case Management: improve and support mental health for more serious mental health and addictions concerns, direct referrals to most appropriate community services, monitor medications/side effects, and ongoing check-in calls, as needed.


If you are interested in accessing any aspect of this program, please call WMFHT Reception at 905-704-3660.



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