Memory Clinic Program


Description: To enhance the care that family physicians can provide and assist the patient’s family physician in developing a greater degree of comfort in managing their patients with cognitive difficulty. The aim is to provide assessments that balance the need for early, accurate diagnosis and comprehensive, holistic care that continues over time with efficient, sustainable utilization of resources within primary care.


Services and Activities offered as part of this program:

  • Comprehensive Cognitive Testing: allows for objective and measurable changes in the patient’s cognitive ability and aids in identifying safety concerns, including fitness to drive.

  • Family Interview/Counselling: individualized interview conducted with the patient’s family member to gather information on concerns the family has regarding the patient’s safety, cognitive function, and ability to perform activities of daily living; assess for caregiver burnout; and provide assistance in Power of Attorney and future planning discussions.

  • Depression Screening: completed for the patients and discussed with patient’s family member; completed with family member based on how they view the patient’s mood.

  • Medication Review: Pharmacist reviews medication list to assess for medications that could impact cognitive function, and provide alternative recommendations.

  • Occupational Therapist Assessment: home assessment available for patients who may need clarification on their functional abilities at home; gait assessment available to aid in clarification on possible diagnosis

  • Driving Safety Screening: identifies at-risk drivers; provides education, resources and information to seniors regarding driving cessation; provides referrals for further driving evaluation as per Ministry of Transportation guidelines.

If you are interested in accessing any aspect of this program, please call WMFHT Reception at 905-704-3660.

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