Chronic Pain Management Program


Description: To provide education and intervention to individuals living with chronic pain to improve self-management of their condition.  Responsible management of medications, education regarding non-medical alternatives, and dietary modifications are intervention strategies.  Key in assisting individuals living with chronic pain is the ability to apply strategies within their daily living routines that improve functioning and quality of life.


Services and Activities offered as part of this program:

  • Occupational Therapy Individualized Intervention: within an occupational framework, the Occupational Therapist evaluates chronic pain impacts to functions of daily living, and provides education and intervention to assist the patient to set goals promoting optimized quality of life and functioning.
  • Chronic Pain Workshop: education session for individuals who have a chronic pain condition to improve their understanding regarding concepts of managing pain within daily living.
  • Chronic Pain Management Group: 6-week series that promotes learning and adjustment to living with chronic pain for individuals in a supported group setting, and to promote self-management for individuals living with chronic pain.
  • Pharmaceutical Medication Review: pharmacist will assess patient’s medications for appropriateness and recommend alternative pain management strategies. An opioid treatment agreement will also be reviewed and urine screen completed, if necessary.

If you are interested in accessing any aspect of this program, please call WMFHT Reception at 905-704-3660.

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