Cardio-Pulmonary Program


Description: To help patients develop a better understanding of the factors that can improve their lung and heart health, as well as those factors that can lead to increased risk. Our Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietician, Pharmacist and Occupational Therapist all participate in this program to provide education, support and help to develop individualized treatment plans to manage the many conditions that affect our heart and our lungs


Services and Activities offered as part of this program:

(Congestive ) Heart Failure: Understand the complex nature of this condition and develop strategies to reduce exacerbations and improve quality of life. To help navigate through the many specialists and other health care providers who make up the team caring for the patient and their family.


Heart Monitoring Services: Our Registered Nurses can apply Holter Monitors for the purposes of diagnosing heart rate and rhythm issues, which is a tool for the physician in diagnosing conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation.


Cholesterol Testing Services: Providing lab requisitions to test for cholesterol and guide treatment, together with the physician.


Blood Pressure Testing: Blood Pressure can be measured by our Registered Nurses through a 1-time in-office test where 5 measurements are done over 10 minutes.

There is also a 24-hour BP measurement device that can help to look at a longer period of time.  This is important for the Diagnosis and management of Hypertension, which can include prescription medications.


Pharmacy Services: Our Pharmacist can provide in-person or phone appointments to conduct an individual review of all prescription medications. This helps to improve understanding of the uses and possible side effects of your prescriptions, which is shared with your physician


Nutritional Services: Lifestyle and diet have a great impact on our heart and lung health. Our Registered Dietitian is available by appointment to talk about your individual risks and make recommendations to improve your health


COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a long-term condition that can slowly worsen over time. Our COPD program can help identify strategies through lifestyle and medications, in conjunction with your physician, to improve or slow the progression of this condition


Asthma: Asthma is a condition where the airways constrict due to many different triggers. A chronic cough or shortness of breath and wheeze can become an emergency quickly if not managed well. Our program helps to develop an individualized “action plan” to manage expected and unexpected worsening of this condition to prevent hospital admissions and support an active lifestyle.


Spirometry Services: This is a breathing test that can be ordered by your physician to measure your lung volumes both at rest and after use of an inhaled Broncho dilator that opens your airway by relaxing the smooth muscles that line your lungs. This test can help to diagnose Asthma or COPD and can measure any improvement in a pre-existing Asthma or COPD.


Occupational Therapy Services: Our Family Health Team has an Occupational Therapist who can assist with energy conservation, physical activity recommendations, and review of factors that can affect both heart and lung health.

If you are interested in accessing any aspect of this program, please call WMFHT Reception at 905-704-3660.

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