Patient Reviews

Forest Therapy Participants

“Melissa has such a calming energy that surrounds her; so caring/healing.”

“I’m so glad I did this – it can become part of my mindfulness practice.”

“This was excellent!! A+++. Thanks so much!!”

“It was a great experience. Better than I expected.”


Memory Clinic Participants

“Very friendly atmosphere, thank you.”


Depression Webinar Participants

“I was pleased with the webinar presentation. Thank you Lauren, LeeAnn and Melissa.”

“Thank you for all your hard work on this lovely presentation!”


Understanding Memory Loss Workshop Participants

"Very informative and helpful information by all presenters. Thank you! Will forward to other family members when they are affected by our loved one’s onset of dementia.”

“OMG! This was brilliant!! Thank you. Keep these programs coming for awareness that there is help.”

“Thanks for providing this session to our community!”

“A world of useful information as to resources available. Thank you.”


Bone Health Series

"Excellent program - learned a lot and had lots of fun! Thank you."

"Very good. Glad I participated."

"Loved the interaction of teacher to student."


General Feedback

"My mother is a patient at Welland McMaster Family Health, and I can tell you we’ve never received better care than from your team. We are grateful."

"I am so appreciative of the partnership Welland McMaster Family Health Team has with Dr. Mikhail. I was able to see a female Nurse Practitioner from the Health Team today. The nurse practitioner was so professional, kind, and sensitive to my needs. Thank you so much!"

"Thanks for all that your Health Team does, it's awesome, I really appreciate the kindness of your staff and the great work you do."