REACH - Bringing Hope to Those Without Access to Basic Needs in Niagara

Date Posted: 
February 9, 2024 9:20 am

Media Release - February 8, 2024

Bringing Hope to Those Without Access to Basic Needs in Niagara

NIAGARA REGION - Regional Essential Access to Healthcare (REACH) Niagara is expanding its capacity by adding two new clinic locations: The Hope Centre in Welland and Gillian’s Place in St. Catharines. These clinics are essential for providing primary care, counselling, and system navigation for vulnerable populations in Niagara. 

Niagara has many community members who are experiencing homelessness and poverty, with several more on the brink of becoming marginalized and losing access to basic needs due to economic constraints. 

The grim reality is that homelessness contributes to a lower life expectancy. Studies conducted in larger cities across Canada indicated that health conditions such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, pneumonia, and addiction struggles leading to overdose are among the common causes of death for homeless Canadians. 

REACH Niagara aims to provide life-altering services to those who are homeless and marginalized, including ongoing primary care, select form assistance, connection to supports, counselling, harm reduction supplies, preventative care screening, and referrals.


“Our clinics are unique in that they bring care to where the need exists. Community members can receive care while accessing basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing,” says Carolyn Dyer, Executive Director, REACH Niagara

“At The Hope Centre, in addition to our food security and housing programs, we offer wellness programs that help people improve their health and well-being. These programs support the most vulnerable members of our community with counselling services and financial assistance for medical expenses. The addition of on-site REACH Niagara Medical Clinic will continue to enhance the impact of The Hope Centre community hub and provide greater services for the most vulnerable in our community,” says Jon Braithwaite, Chief Executive Officer, The Hope Centre

“We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with REACH Niagara. Clients who come to Gillian's Place seeking a life free of abuse and fear face challenging and difficult barriers in their journeys. We work tirelessly to help alleviate pressures and help break down barriers. Having REACH onsite helps build on our compassionate client-centered and trauma-informed approach,” says Nicole Regehr, Executive Director, Gillian’s Place

Accessing REACH’s new clinics:

The Hope Centre 

  • WHEN - Every Wednesday from 1-4 p.m.
  • WHERE - 570 King St, Welland
  • WHO - Those who don’t have access to, or are at risk of losing access to, basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter and who can successfully access primary care services.

Gillian’s Place

  • To maintain the safest environment possible, this clinic is for residents of Gillian’s Place only. 

Community members can learn more about REACH Niagara by visiting its website.

Supporting REACH Niagara

If you are a family physician who wants to make a difference in your community by working with REACH, please contact Carolyn Dyer:

If you are a community member, you can make an impact in several ways: