Helpful Links

Here are some helpful websites and videos recommended by our Physicians and Integrated Health Professionals.

Before you call for common ailments, check out these links with information about when and how to self-manage vs. when to call the doctor (webpages were created by Dr. Adam Stewart, a Family Physician in Madoc, ON):

Muskuloskeletal Pain (any pain from muscles, joints, ligaments, including sprains, strains, pulled muscles, back pain, or arthritis)

Coughs, Colds and Sore Throats

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and Mental Health

Diarrhea or "Stomach flu"

Trouble Sleeping

Skin Spots

Tick Bites

Full list of information about common ailments, medications, medical tests, and more.

Tips for Teens and Adults with Cold, Flu, COVID-19

Caring for Children with Cold, Flu, COVID-19

General Assistance - Health, Social, Financial, Legal, Employment, and more


NOHT-ESON Resource Navigator

Mental Health and Wellness

Toolkit for People Who have been Impacted by Suicide

A Guide for People and Families Struggling with Suicide


self-compassion.org -> Check out the 'Practices' tab

Black Dog named Depression video

Coping with Stress PDF

Eating Disorders:

National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Body Brave

National Initiative for Eating Disorders


Nutrition Resources

Intro to Solids:

Best Start
Unlock Food: Introducing Solids to your Infant
Niagara Region Parents - Feeding
Toddler to Teens - Children's Nutrition:
Food Guide 1 - 4 years
Food Guide 5 - 11 years
Food Guide 12 - 17 years
Say Goodbye to Picky Eating PDF
Heart Health:
Mediterranean Diet
Foods That Lower Cholesterol PDF
Healthy Eating:
Benefits of Eating More Plant-based Proteins PDF
Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas PDF
How Can I Eat a More Sustainable Diet PDF
Women's Health
Women's Health Matters
Healthy Aging
McMaster Optimal Aging
3 Ways to Reduce your Risk of Falling
Older Adult InfoLink Niagara
Care for Older Adults - Where to Start resource list