Helpful Links

Here are some helpful websites and videos recommended by our Integrated Health Professionals:

General Assistance - Health, Social, Financial, Legal, Employment, and more


Mental Health and Wellness


self-compassion.org -> Check out the 'Practices' tab

Black Dog named Depression video


Eating Disorders:

National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Body Brave

National Initiative for Eating Disorders


Nutrition Resources

Intro to Solids:

Best Start
Unlock Food: Introducing Solids to your Infant
Niagara Region Parents - Feeding
Toddler to Teens - Children's Nutrition:
Food Guide 1 - 4 years
Food Guide 5 - 11 years
Food Guide 12 - 17 years
Heart Health:
Mediterranean Diet
Women's Health
Women's Health Matters
Healthy Aging
McMaster Optimal Aging
3 Ways to Reduce your Risk of Falling
Older Adult InfoLink Niagara