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Chronic Pain Management

At the Welland McMaster Family Health Team, we recognize that many patients live with chronic pain. Our Occupational Therapist can work with you individually to assess how pain is affecting your daily life, and suggest personalized pain-management strategies. Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner for a referral to the Occupational Therapist.


Seniors – Staying Active At Home

During this time of home isolation and reduced availability of community programs and activities, staying active in and around your home is important.  Here are some tips and considerations for maintaining activity at home:

  1.  As your normal daily routines are likely disrupted, attempt to set a new routine for yourself which includes activities around your home, and some form of light exercise. 
  2. Set goals for yourself which might include a walk every day or every other day, some stretches each morning or evening or incorporating a class routine (see online links below).
  3. When walking outdoors, use caution:  if you have limited mobility use a cane, walker or walking poles.  Be cautious on uneven surfaces.  If you have a walking buddy remain at least 2 arms lengths from one another and avoid any contact.
  4. Keep your brain active:  social interaction with distancing – use the phone or electronic devices to stay connected with friends, family and your community.   If you have a hobby or activity that you can do at home, this is a great option.  If you have a computer or online access find games, search a new topic; find interesting YouTube videos or Ted talks.  If you don’t have a computer, reading a newspaper or books, and any games or puzzles are good options. 
  5. You might choose one new household task each week to complete (such as cleaning the refrigerator, organizing a cupboard, going through old pictures, or whatever you may have been saving for a rainy day) to keep focused and active.
  6. Set a limit on television and news watching to specific times each day.

Below are several online links for exercise programs geared to seniors [Please use caution when starting any new exercise routine and follow exercise and activity directions provided by your physician or health care professional].

Gentle chair yoga routine by Cara Kircher (Toronto Rehab):



Gentle Tai chi and Qi Gong:


20 Minute Sample Workout for Older Adults from Go4Life:


60 Minute Sample Workout for Older Adults from Go4Life:


Senior Strong & Steady with Kat


Centre de Sante offers FREE Zoom exercise classes for seniors, in English and French. There are two options: Stay Fit - cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility with music; and Keeping Balance - balance, strength and flexibility without music. For more information or to register, email exercise@cschn.ca.

If you have questions regarding your safety, activity or exercise routine, please contact the Family Health Team.

Completed by Margaret Heikkila, Occupational Therapist