Chronic Pain

At the Welland McMaster Family Health Team, we recognize that many patients live with chronic pain. Our Occupational Therapist can work with you individually to assess how pain is affecting your daily life, and suggest personalized pain-management strategies. Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner for a referral to the Occupational Therapist. Additionally, we offer groups tailored to help people with chronic pain.

Groups, Programs and Workshops

We offer many programs, groups and workshops to our patients, all free of charge (parking costs still apply). Click on the titles below for summaries. For additional information about dates and locations, or to register, contact FHT Reception at 905-734-9699 ext. 3

Chair Yoga

This yoga program is for patients with chronic pain and/or limited mobility. Lead by our Occupational Therapist, this program will enable you to access the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness through gentle poses done while seated in a chair. Speak with your doctor or nurse practitioner if you believe Chair Yoga would be right for you.

Mindfulness-Based Gentle Yoga

The properties of Mindfulness can help you to focus on the present moment and calmly manage your emotions, thoughts and sensations. Patients with chronic pain but moderate mobility can benefit from this Yoga program, which is not as vigorous as most Yoga classes, and focuses more on gentle stretching and controlled movements. This group is run by our Occupational Therapist. Speak with your doctor or nurse practitioner if you believe Mindfulness-Based Yoga would be right for you.

Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness promotes a state of being “present” in the moment with awareness and attention, learning to respond to situations and stressors rather than simply reacting. Mindfulness practice promotes many health and wellness benefits, such as: calming the body; decreasing stress; reducing anxiety; integrating emotions; and relieving chronic pain. The group is lead by our Occupational Therapist and focuses on the promotion of personal daily practice of mindfulness focus and meditations. The focus is also towards breaking some of the unconscious habits of thinking and behaving that stop you from living life to the fullest. This group meets twice monthly for hour-long sessions, all year. This group is open to the general public and is held at the Welland Community Wellness Complex (membership to the Complex is not required to attend this group). For more information, contact FHT Reception.

Thrive Despite Pain Group

Does chronic pain affect your daily life, limiting your ability to perform everyday tasks? Thrive is a communicative, interactive and supportive group designed to help you learn how to manage your pain through modifications, nutrition, meditation, exercise, and more. This group meets weekly for six (6) weeks, and each session is two (2) hours long.

Call FHT Reception to register: 905-734-9699 ext. 3