Available Monday - Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m (Closed on Holidays)

The clinic is available to our rostered patients. We strongly encourage you to use this after-hours clinic above all others as we have access to your medical records, thereby providing you with the best possible care.

After-Hours Clinic Policy

Visits to our After-Hours Clinic will be SCHEDULED

• Call your family physician's office during the day for urgent issues (reason for the visit will be required)

• If your physician is unable to see you during the day, you will be offered an appointment in the After-Hours Clinic for one urgent issue only.

• The following will not be addressed during After-Hours Clinic appointments:

➢ Narcotic prescriptions

➢ Forms

➢ Travel advice/injections

➢ Review of test results

➢ Suspected fractures (Proceed to Hospital ER for X-rays)

➢ Mental Health Counselling

(make an appointment with your physician. If it is an EMERGENCY: call COAST at 1-866-550-5205 or go to the nearest Emergency Department)

➢ Chronic Medical Conditions, i.e. issues that have been ongoing for more than one month (schedule appointment with your family physician)

The TeleHealth Advisory Service provides confidential free health advice from a nurse after 5pm and on weekends and holidays. Call 1-866-553-7205. The nurse can provide health advice about a specific problem or general health information and, with your permission, report back to your doctor.